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Guide Services

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For a closer look.

What better than relying on an expert guide during your visit to a destination that you do not know. The guide will be able to escort and guide you through the tours that attract most of your interest, without loss of time and knowing in advance all the locations that you will visit so that the explanations are full regarding the areas of interest.

If you do not hire an organized tour circuit or route guidance as to offer you on this page within organized own programs and prefer to organize your trip in private and exclusive services for you we offer the availability of guidance  for I can explain and transmit everything of interest are the monuments, museums, tours, etc ...

So if you need this type of service that will facilitate your trip and help you better understand the fate not hesitate to contact us and we will offer the availability of an expert guide both general aspects and specific topics that may be of interest.

Availability expertise on architecture , nature , shopping , oenology , gastronomy , art and culture can ofecer the most relevant to your tastes and preferences accompaniment.

This option is valid for all the Basque Country not only in its most representative cities like Bilbao , Vitoria and San Sebastián but on any of the points and locations throughout the Basque geogafía.

The provision of guides can be from a minimum of 2 hours to a whole day or several days and also can be for specific and concrete or tours and visits languages ​​like Basque - Castilian - English - French - German - Italian -Russian - Dutch and other languages ​​upon request and availability.

In each case you will be offered concrete guidance and final total price of the activity with all fees and taxes.

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