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Restaurants - Gastronomy

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Restaurant, Gastronomy.

The Gastronomical concept it is very important in general and it is more in the Basque Country where the cuisine apart from being of the popular devotion, it is an element of the concept of life through food and social ceremony representing and reaching the highest levels.

This section of the Basque Country offers the information and all those places where people can taste and enjoy the best cuisine both traditional and modern.

RESTAURANTS: We have a wide range of places where food is an element of utmost importance and it can be offered in a perfect manner with the vast range available.

Likewise, and in this concept we can offer special places like TXOKOS, GASTRONOMIC SOCIETIES or even SEASONAL OR FEstival RESTAurants.

From home made menus cuisine to sophisticated tasting menus we can offer you options in all cities and towns both Interior and Coastal and taste firsthand all the best products and dishes from each area.

CIDER HOUSES: There is a wonderful tradition with regard to Cider in the Basque Country, specialy very popular drink in Gipuzkoa. The production and consumption in typical sites dedicated to this drink is very wide and allows for the enjoyment of a tradition and a way of life as the , with the Kupelak (BARRELS) where cider is served directly.

The relationship of is extensive and covers all over the Basque from Gipuzkoa Astigarraga, Hernani and more generally to Bizkaia and Alawa. Some of them only open in season from the beginning of the barrel in January until end of production. nevertheless, are other restaurants that remain open all year.

The offered menus are very popular and the most typical one is composed by cod Tortilla, cod with PEPPERs, BONE STEAK AND CHEESE QUINCENUTS for dessert

PINIXOS BAR: The Miniature Cuisine concept is very appreciated both by tourists and the inhabitants of the Basque Country and the existing range of these allows a good combination of a miniature cuisine dining experience, sophisticated and visually attractive, natural products, unique, and easy to eat and explore the flavors.

The pairing with our typical white wine the TXAKOLI, is a necessary experience to enjoy during the stay in our region.


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