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Basque Capitals

These package options offer the possibility to choose URBAN TOURISM program into a Capital City or town of the Basque Country with at any selected dates throughout the year. Both weekends and during the week, holidays and bank holidays of all kinds. A range of package options that covers the most interesting locations of the Basque Country. 

The basic duration of the Capital Cities, Urban Tourism programs is3 days / 2 nights but it is flexible and we can expand or reduce it according to the necessities of each client. The options are based on Bed & Breakfast and offer a wide range of hotels not only urban but charm hotels located in unique areas. 

The programs offered are:


  • Bilbao Full Experience.
  • Vitoria Green Capital.
  • Romantic stay in San Sebastian.


When you arrive at your hotel you will receive a full Dossier with all sorts of information including details of all services included and the instructions of the program.... in addition to information on all kinds of activities during your stay.

In the brochure that you have in this page in PDF format you can see the specific details of URBAN TOURISM PACKAGE. URBAN TOURISM


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