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Senior Tourism

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Basque Experience for Seniors: Quality & Price

This form of trip is very suitable for and used by groups, associations and retirement communities as well as in programs promoted by town halls, public organizations or senior tourism in general.

The program and service options we offer for senior citizen groups are complete in a way that they cover every minute from arrival to departure. Every detail of the program is absolutely adapted to the clients needs, with the main visits designed in an adequate manner and pace in order for the clients to fully enjoy every moment. The best options in quality & price.

We offer accommodation in a variety of hotels throughout the Basque Country according to the program selected. There are very interesting options in the main cities and villages with streets full of life and ambience for the clients to enjoy during their free time. Likewise, a number of hotels have lounges with music for evening activities such as dancing. Lunch or dinner is held at the hotel selected or at local restaurants during fullday excursions. All visits, activities or excursions are designed to make the most of the clients stay.

Obviously, flexibility in one of our main characteristics, so we can adapt each program to a budget. Our Groups Department specializes in senior tourism offering a wide range of programs and services that can be tailored to the clients needs.

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