Conventions - Meetings - Seminars - Events

Experts in meeting locations complementary services This format is very common among companies, institutions and associations for their presentations or campaign launches with new products, meetings of objectives, budget presentation, Annual Conventions, Meetings Area, Working with customers and suppliers .... and in general anything that raises a point to gather a group of people on a certain topic.

Senior Tourism

Basque Experience for Seniors: Quality & Price This form of trip is very suitable for and used by groups, associations and retirement communities as well as in programs promoted by town halls, public organizations or senior tourism in general.

Students Groups

This format is used by schools, colleges and universities for different trips, special educational gutings, weekend getaways or weekend course. The program options and services we offer for groups of students will depending on their age and the exact format that they want to give by teachers and parents associations.

Incentive Groups

This format is used by companies, for their customers, suppliers, employees and executives, to reward attitudes or goals or to establish competitions and new product launches across all industries, it is used as a weapon of Sales and Marketing.

Thematic Groups

Organized programs for groups interested in specific themes are becoming more demanded as they combine the pleasure of travel and tourism to the destination area, in this case the Basque Country, and interest in activities and visits with preferred themes.