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Students Groups

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This format is used by schools, colleges and universities for different trips, special educational gutings, weekend getaways or weekend course. The program options and services we offer for groups of students will depending on their age and the exact format that they want to give by teachers and parents associations.

In this type of travel the most important concept is that the program is perfectly suited to the needs of customers, a full program of visits, the more interesting and interactive activities which will be tailored to specific ages ofthe group. Always combined with the best options in quality and price.

Short Breaks, Basque Gastronomy, Rioja, Wine Cellars and wine The accommodation may among different quality hostels and hotels all over the Basque Country, selecting the best options depending on the detail included in the program. Very interesting options available in major cities such as Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria.

Nature, Popular Festivities, charming coastal villages or traditional villages, Health Relax surrounded by nature in the hinterland. Lunches or dinners included - - in the hotels or during restaurants en route, as well as tours,  urban tourism, activities or trips are always oriented in each case to the specific profile.

Besides sightseeing culture and museums, we have very interesting interactive options and activities to match within the programs; such as Surf courses, horse riding, archery, canoeing, Pintxos cooking lessons, sailing, Basque rural sports, hiking, visits to traditional fishing boats, Aerial or Maritime Excursions, Shepherd school with shepherd dog demonstrations, visits to Museums, etc.

Our staff is well experienced with groups of students of all kinds; the best prices and quality services in harmony. Try us without any compromise, request a quotation.


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