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Incentive Groups

Idi Probak en Bilbao © Euskadi Turismo Idi Probak en Bilbao

This format is used by companies, for their customers, suppliers, employees and executives, to reward attitudes or goals or to establish competitions and new product launches across all industries, it is used as a weapon of Sales and Marketing.

In this type of travel the most important concept are the attendees and the ultimate goal is always to enjoy the experience and make it unforgettable, as the image of the company is what is at stake. This requires that whatever the final cost of the trip, the services offered are ofan absolute safety level in this type of travel it’s not possible to play with the possibilities that it will be alright. There must be absolute certainty. And this is what STI provides, because our staff has extensive experience developing programs for Incentive Groups all over the Basque Country and the rest of Spain and offering a customization from the first moment both in creating the program in it’s implementation and development

Quality services, knowledge of existing opportunities in the Territory, selection and use of the best options available and always tailor made to the necessities of the Company,

Accommodation options with the best city hotels, charming coastal or interior hotels, transportation options of all kinds and support and guidance in languages, charm restaurants with traditional cuisine, modern of Michelin stars, guided tours, museums like the Guggenheim, development of special events, exhibitions, music groups, folk music, Basque rural sports or various activities, visits to wineries with wine tasting Txakoli or Rioja, and many other options available.

Although the programs will always be tailor made and therefore each program is different and will have the imprint of the company that sponsors the trip and thus resembled more like a work of art signed by the Author...... and so unique .. we offer next ideas with some examples to help you visualize even partially the elements and possible activities to use in your next Incentive Travel, although there are many more possible elements.


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