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Basque Country City Breaks Tailor made......

This program offers you the possibility to choose the capital city that you prefer into an organized Stay throughout the year. Valid for any time of the year, both weekend and during the week, on bank holidays and festivities, all destinations included in the program allow you to select the city or town of your choice from a range that covers the most interesting options in the Basque Country

The basic program duration is 3 days / 2 nights but it can be flexible and expand or reduce the duration to the exact taste of each client. The options are based on Bed & Breakfast and offer a wide range of hotels not only urban but charm hotel located in unique areas.

Programs include in all cases services additional to the stay like in/out transfers, museums, themed activities of all kinds, restaurants, etc. When you arrive at your hotel you will receive a complete Dossier with all sorts of information including details of all services and the instructions for your enjoyment.  
In addition we offer a 24-hour assistance telephone that allows you to be attended at all times during your stay. 

The brochure of this programs is available to you on this same page in PDF format but it is in Spanish language. You can download all the details, destinations and services and activities included in each case, in addition to prices, etc.. if you require this information in english please let us know in order to provide you with all the details.


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